Atmo - Alchemist/ Palm Reader/ Meditainer

Born in 1958, Atmo studied social sciences in Germany and traveled widely around the world in search of a meaning in life.

In 1980 she became a disciple of Osho, whose guidance helps her to slowly turn the outer into an inner journey, where meaning is created every moment new.

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Atmo- Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician

Atmo grew up in Nuernberg, Germany, in the seventies, to AFN american forces network radio, playing all day long in Mum and Dad's hairdresser shop. With 16 she got a guitar and started to turn her poems into songs.

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Atmo - The Tour Guide

I came to India the first time in 1985, when Osho was in Bombay again after the world tour and we could be with him in the villa in Juhu beach a couple of times a week.

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Peace is Here