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I came to India the first time in 1985, when Osho was in Bombay again after the world tour and we could be with him in the villa in Juhu beach a couple of times a week.

This first meeting with him after the Oregon ranch's drive bys was an experience of pure stillness in body and mind, almost 2 hours, in the middle of a waterfall of his words and graceful gestures.

I had come to India after a year of solid work in a travel agency and at the airport in Munich, Germany - and the promised free yearly flight surely led me finally to India, to my Master and to a whole new exciting profession.

3 months into my stay in India, in December 1985, a miracle happened, - a new Chweb.cochin.atmoarter flight was coming from Germany directly to the brand new tourist destination Goa and on to Kathmandu in Nepal,- and I was asked to be the representative and tour manager in Goa for Atash/Condor Airways. What a gift, what a wonderful gift... I could stay in India, have a great job and be in Poona with Osho.

For 8 years I rode my Suzuki motorbike through palms and paddy fields across the ferries to the capital Panjim, to the airport and down south to Colva, where the first three 5 star hotels were being built and where I had to visit my german tourist customers and show them the amazing beauty of Goa in weekly day trips.

Those days I stayed in a small mud house in Arambol, later in Anjuna and Badem and it was all through the first 3 years there, that I had tears of gratitude every day, to be able to live in paradise and work in a job that I love.

In 1994, I accepted an offer from TUI, Dr Tigges Tours, a big tour operator in Europe, to guide study tours through India and Nepal. Having travelled, by now with more than 2000 tourists, through most parts of India and Nepal for the last 20 years is such a privilege.

I am grateful for so many adventures, so many millions of miles in buses and trains and rickshaws, on motorbikes and elephants, bicycle and bullock carts, airplanes and camels with so many gorgeous smiles and helping hands along the way....

This year in November and December 2009  I offer two wonder- filled journeys in India:


12 Day Tour through Colorful Rajasthan

21st Nov - 2nd Dec 09 and

10 Day Tour in the Mysteries of North India

5th Dec - 15th Dec 09


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