Atmo - Alchemist/ Palm Reader/ Meditainer

Born in 1958, Atmo studied social sciences in Germany and traveled widely around the world in search of a meaning in life.

In 1980 she became a disciple of Osho, whose guidance helps her to slowly turn the outer into an inner journey, where meaning is created every moment new.

In the Osho Commune International in Pune, India, she trained and worked as a facilitator for groups and sessions in Esoteric Sciences, Past Life Therapy, Psychic Energy and Palm Readings, NLP, Hypnosis for Healing, Trance Work, Osho's Meditative Therapies, Reflexology and is widely known as a facilitator for Sufi Heart Dance Meditations, one of her great passions.

She is a Peace Ambassador of the Humaniversity in Holland.

Since 20 years she lived and still works in India as a tour guide, leading upmarket study and meditative cultural tours in India and Neatmodolfinpal.

Atmo also regularly facilitates Wise Women, Creativity and Meditation Workshops and Palm Reading Sessions and Trainings in Mexico, Germany and Australia.

In 2004 she moved to Byron Bay, Australia, where she is presently offering

Alchemical Palm Readings

and  Sufi Heart Dance Events

Her love for people, poetry, music and silence creates a unique atmosphere in her sessions and workshops, encouraging acceptance of our natural multidimensional forms and plays, around the essential silent core.

Peace is Here