Atmo- Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician

Atmo grew up in Nuernberg, Germany, in the seventies, to AFN american forces network radio, playing all day long in Mum and Dad's hairdresser shop. With 16 she got a guitar and started to turn her poems into songs. action.fairies.1

A few school gigs as singer songwriter followed, and she played solo at the first 2 Tollwut festivals in Munich in 1984 and 85, had an evening a week at the Shalom Night club in Munich in 1985 and played in Bands like 'Special Guests', Nuernberg and 'Jump' in Munich. Since 1986 in Goa, India, she played gigs in restaurants and markets between 1986 and now and she is one of the Sufi Heart Dance facilitators in the Osho Resort in Pune, India. In 2001 she met her musician partner Anando Bharti there, and together they formed 'The Atmospheres', an eclectic mix of Atmo's sensitive melodious songs and vocals with Bharti's versatile energetic bass rhythm, engineering and production skills and together they play anything from gentle satsang music, where the music is a frame for the silence, rock concerts and joyous Sufi-heart dance events in Australia, Germany, Taiwan, India and Mexico. The Atmospheres produced two CDs with Atmo's songs,  'Love is Wild' in 2001 and" Peace is Here" in 2006 .

'The Atmopsheres' play regularly Live Music for Osho Satsang at 10 am on Sundays in beautiful Mevlana Hall in Byron Bay, Australia, where she is based now. Atmo still travels every year to India, Mexico and Germany, for music, tours and meditation.

... a lady with love in her voice ...

Peace is Here