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Sometimes we find ourselves looking into the palms of our hands, in wonder of the mysterious map that is imprinted there. Our hands, so common and openly used to connect with others, can also be gateways to a deeper understanding and acceptance of ourselves.

In a reading, these landscapes in your palms become mirrors of your unique individual potential. Your life patterns, your creativity and your doors into meditation are reflected to you in a relaxed and playful atmosphere.

Looking into this private mirror helps exploring certain patterns and making decisions more according to one's intrinsic nature. Guided by the lines in your palms, you connect with your inner reality and nourish the magical moments with yourself and the world.

An exploration of your potential * Magical Moments from inside of you * Experience the rainbow of your being *

Allow yourself to be touched by the message of your own hands * Falling in love with yourself again

One hour session is $65   Couple readings also available

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