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Osho  No - Mind  Meditation

a meditative therapy

A seven day process for two hours a day.

Gibberish is a technique in which you make nonsense sounds and at the same time allow your body to move in any way that you feel; it can help to move into deeper layers of your emotions and it also can help you to go into the physical and emotional memory of your past. While doing gibberish express and throw out whatever you are feeling. It doesn't have to make sense and you don't have to have visions or understanding while you are doing it.

After one hour, when the signal is given, you stop and sit silently with your eyes closed, and go deep inside yourself. Doing this for seven days brings a profound experience of meditation, of that state Osho calls no - mind.

Osho: " Gibberish should be taught to every person. The world will become saner if you can simply sit in your room and talk loudly to nobody in particular for one hour. In the beginning it will look crazy. It is! But it will relieve you of much heat, steam and after one hour you will feel tremendously quiet."

Osho  Born again

A Meditative Therapy

A seven day process for two hours a day.

We experience the quality of the child within us again. It has often become dormant or forgotten and seriousness has replaced playfulness.

This meditative therapy is a pure energy process where we go straight back to a time, before the energy of our child was arrested and stopped, before we became ‘good' instead of being natural.

We let go into the ever changing spontaneity of childhood, without concepts, just doing what we always wanted to do, and act again from our original source, where  innocence and sensitivity flower. Silently there can be a space of wonder unfolding; the vision is clearer for the beauty of the world.

Osho:"For the first hour you behave like a child, just enter into your childhood. Whatever you wanted to do, do it - dancing, singing, jumping, crying, weeping - anything at all, in any posture.

For the second hour sit silently. You will be more fresh, more innocent and meditation will become easier."


Wise Women Circles

The Mystical Female

Wise Women Weekends 2010

Women of all ages and backgrounds coming together for a weekend of meditation, exploration, healing and celebration. Simply being together in this energy field of women, who are following their longing to live truth, friendship, freedom, magic and stillness supports trust into ourselves, our bodies, intuition, feelings and passions. Wisdom happens out of allowing not to know, but to feel, sense, receive and share....every moment new.

Women are natural receptacles for life, women together rediscovering the gifts of feminine energy, inviting the wise woman within each of us to reveal herself in all her beauty and uniqueness. A healing through rituals, energy work and sharing among women.

Many women have learned to act and behave in a male way only, going for goals, being efficient, rational, logical, and have lost touch with their femininity. We have been collectively conditioned in a man's world to repress our spontaneous expression of energy and life, and have learned to act in ways that are expected of us by society which is not in tune with our nature.

By bringing awareness to the layers of conditioning that surround us, we move from the outer identifications of our personality into the beauty and gifts of our natural feminine energy.

Restfulness...waiting...a sense of beauty... supporting our conscious connection with the whole world of intuition... symbolism... a mysterious world full of surprises... and even deeper into the silence. Falling into the deepest place possible inside, reconnecting with a state of consciousness which is eternally fresh, innocent and undisturbed. Wisdom is available deep inside every woman.


Osho: "I don't want women to compete with men; they should simply be their own selves. And whatsoever her nature is she should try to meditate according to that nature. Her meditation should be her own natural, spontaneous life."


...Atmo and Dolphina...
once upon a time in Mexico

Peace is Here