Atmo and 'The Atmospheres'

Folk Rock with Latino and Middle Eastern influences, enchanting Songs for Peace, Love and Celebration of Life. Sensuous melodies woven around solid rock rhythms, groovy mantras and positive world songs, - to dance and listen and sing along.

Formed in India in 2001, The Atmospheres have since performed in India, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Taiwan and Australia.

Atmo writes songs since she was 15, Bharti is a rock musician since  13 - half a lifetime of e xperiences later, the songs keep rolling in. “We love to make music as Zorba the Buddha – singing from the heart, listening to the empty space inside  and celebrating with friends.”

Styles include serene Indian-influenced meditation music, Sufi dance, acoustic folk and electric Lat i no grooves, with a strong 60´s and 70´s flavour - Flower Power is alive. The songs speak of the poetry of living...with all the colours and lessons that life´s mystery brings. The  music is sensuous, joyful, fantastic to hum along with while cleaning the house, and also touches the innermost core of the heart. The harmony of Atmo and Bharti's vocals has a depth and unique beauty,  and Bharti's trademark rhythm mixture makes this eclectic band a delight to hear.


The Atmospheres have been influenced by Janis Ian, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles, Cream, The Beatles, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Paul Butterfield, Joe Cocker,  Bee Gees and many more... plus todays technological possibilities.

For recordings and gigs they are joined by various beautiful mus ici an friends from around the planet and from at home in Byron Bay,  Australia, who I like to thank ve ry much for sharing their love, talents and joy so abundantly.

Peace is Here