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from the CD 'Peace is Here'

Blue Round Ball (atmo,2006,pune)

There's a mother in Jerusalem there's a mother in New York

There's a mother in Afghanistan who lost what she loves most

To all women in the universe sing your song and break the curse

The magic of our love is real we can heal the overkill

Sons and daughters lost in the maze of innocence

Today we owe them a call on humanity to make sense

It's a blue round ball  we're drifting on it's shores

It's a blue round ball who could ask for more

It's a blue round ball what are we waiting for

Turning in and turning round falling onto higher ground

Tears are everywhere the same salt on some beloved's grave

Trust grew fragile like a bird still i see it fly quite undisturbed

Sons and daughters....

To my mother who grew up with war had soldiers knocking at their door

Put the weapons down to rest and fill the world with friendliness

We can heal the fighting here and now inside ourselves and all around

This planet is one worldwide nation   just one big   Love vibration Love vibration

Love vibration it's a blue round ball

"    who could ask for more

"    it's a blue round ball

"   we're drifting on it's shores

"   it's a blue round ball

"    what are we waiting for

"    it's a blue round ball

"    who could ask for more

May peace prevail on earth  Love vibration

Peace is Here (atmo, jan.06.byron)

Salaam Shalom Om Shanti

Salaam Shalom Om Shanti

Salaam Shalom Om Shanti

Salaam Shalom Om Shanti

Peace is here in my heart

Peace is here in your heart

Peace is here in my heart

Peace is here in your heart

Love is a Breeze (atmo&bharti, berlin, 2002)

Love is a breeze  that whispers hello

Always in times when I need nothing more

Than what I've got and what is right now

Love is a breeze  I can't make any vow

Love is a breeze my friend whispering without an end

Love is the promised land deep inside my heart

Life has so much to give the day we just let it live

Getting out of it's way  love is free to come and stay

I feel the tears come out of my eyes

Thank you beloved master of life

Sailing thru thunder lightning and storm

Into the sun into the innermost core

Love is a breeze.....

Tender sensations in silence appears

Fragile delicious and shy inside me

Thank you for the way

The wondrous way this feels

Love is a breeze....

Enchanted (atmo, 2004,pune)

Enchanted bewildered out of my mind

Like a leaf in the wind I am alive

Enchanted bewildered after all this time

I'm feeling an ocean inside

And there is always so much love

Right here and always now

And each heart is like a star

Like a bridge of light in the darkness of the night

Transcending unending rythm and ryhme

Weaving a dream from earth to sky

I'm taken awaken by the beauty within

As a whole new universe begins

And there' s always...

Abundance in timeless overflow

In the shelter of love peace can grow

Embraced and caressed purified

By the fragrance of ocean tonight

And there's always... x 2     ...bridge of light.

Gatchamis (atmo&bharti, 2006,byron)

Buddham  Sharanam Gatchami

Sangham Sharanam Gatchami

Dhammam Sharanam Gatchami

I go to the feet of the Master

I go to the feet of the commune of the Blessed One

I go to the feet of the Ultimate Truth

Sound of Aum (atmo, pune, nov. 2005)

It is the love in life that keeps me moving

It is the music that keeps us going on

It is the song you sing to me each morning

Out of the night into the dawn

Like a river flowing thru deep valleys

There's an easy way back home

i'm sailing thru my belly

To a place i will never know

'Cause i can see the sun rising alone  Lady moon is waiting

And no words are spoken just the sound of Aum

Now we travel the horizon

Always on the edge of time

On the verge of getting wiser

Flowing with the tide

And I can see the sun...

It is your smile that keeps my flower blooming

In the sunshine of the heart

It is the ocean in your eyes that's cooling me

In the fire of this love

Taking all the given chances

And make the best of what we find

Letting go of all defenses

And be one of a kind

'Cause we will not be here someday tomorrow

The way we are tonight

But the fragrance will stay longer

Love can never die

Wise Women (atmo.1999.pune)

Dancing in circles women of the world

Walking down the ages thru fire undisturbed

Step by step and hand in hand healing Mother Earth

Keepers of the secret songs of life and death and birth

Dancing in circles to the rhythm of the moon

Life is growing silently in the darkness of our wombs

Waiting patiently for the spring to come

Opening the gates of light for the ancient ones

Wise Women  I'm calling you

Witches of all times

Wise Women i'm calling you

Healing friends of mine

Dancing in circles this is sacred ground

Every step is easy 'cause we all are homeward bound

Letting go into the arms of love times are changing now

Witches of all ages come we are safe and sound

Love Play (atmo&bharti&pramad, berlin, 2003)

All my life I keep on running wild

To leave this world behind

Every moment is eternity

Falling out of time

On the other side of Mother Earth

The night is on the run

And when i close my eyes a dream begins

Somewhere new life is born

It's a love  play   -  Whatever they say   -

It's a love play

Passion and pain sweet endless song

The music of life will go on and on

There has never been a day before

When the ocean met the sky

There has never been someone

Without a tear to cry

Love is hiding everywhere

Behind the clouds and in your eyes

Mother Nature runs her own affair

And we are drifting by

It's a love play   -  Whatever they say  -  it's all a love play - love play

...Love remains   (whisper)...

It's a love play - come what may - it's all a love play

Peace is Here