Satsang Music

Osho Satsang

is a heart to heart communion, in silence, with Osho's words and humming, framed by gentle live music.

A one hour sitting meditation each Sunday morning at 10 am in Mevlana Hall in Byron Bay, Australia




Satsang Music and Dance Meditations with

The Atmospheres

Eternal Indian sounds of  the Tamboura and the ancient instrument Dilruba, "the thief of hearts", blend with acoustic guitar and bass, sometimes flutes, keyboards, slide guitar and hand drums, weaving a frame for silence.

Atmo, German-born therapist,  poetess, songwriter, singer and guitarist Bharti from Australia, bass and dilruba player, producer and singer
are based in Ocean Shores, NSW, Australia, where they produced their
first CDs, 'Love is Wild' and 'Peace is Here'

They perform locally in Byron Shire, regularly playing beautiful Live meditation music in the Osho Satsang in Mevlana Meditation Hall on Sunday mornings and Live Music Dance Meditations Nataraj and Sufi Heart Dance in the Ewingsdale Hall in Byron Bay about once a month with friends Vigyano on slide guitar, Jordie on keyboards and Fayez and Richard playing drums.

Dance your way to bliss....sit still and be...and peace is here

Peace is Here