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India is a whirlwind of colors, fragrances and sounds and it vibrates with life...lot's of life! Whenever I arrive in India from somewhere, it feels as if i can just glide into the arms of existence itself...a sense of being carried in a giant river of life awakens, - again and i feel i would like to share a bit of this India with you, her magical way of acceptance, her old and her new strengths, her problems and her beauties, - travel in the river of aliveness with friends and friends of friends of individually as you like your day to be, within a 12 day group tour to the most stunning places in Rajasthan or North India.
There are two exciting itineraries in November/ December 09

12 Days in Colorful Rajasthan

27. Nov - 8. Dec 2010

Delhi Agra Jaipur Pushkar Jodhpur Ranakhpur Udaipur Mumbai

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10 Days in the Mystical North

23. Oct - 3. Nov 2010

Delhi Jaipur Agra Orcha Khajuraho Varanasi Delhi

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Atmo's journeys are a combination of being absorbed in the adventures and the beauties of India's streets and monuments and stories and relaxing and finding stillness inside...

...come to Delhi via your own arrangement - join one of our beautiful journeys...

...and possibly look at life in a different way...